Business in the Time of Quarantine: Melissa Altland’s Story

Community, stories, and legacies is what Melissa Altland represents with her photography business. She is committed to supporting the community while documenting stories, and preserving legacies so they can be retold like generations before us.

Melissa started the #ProjectSeasonofSowing in 2019, where a portion of her fees are donated to local nonprofits of her client’s choice from a list provided. She also provides a Thank You offer for those who serve or had served the community. It’s her dream to bring back the importance of investing into your legacy with professional but affordable prints, and to help the local community thrive even more.

What was your main business focus before the quarantine?

Working on mindset/strategy, networking, and building up areas of my portfolio.

What was your first reaction to the quarantine?

I was scared. Since I’m still building my business I didn’t have to worry about any cancellations, but I still had business expenses that actually went up which would affect our overall finances as a household.

What inspired the different business moves you made during quarantine?

I looked at this as a time for opportunities. I connected with some amazing people and fellow small businesses owners that I don’t know if I would have ever met otherwise. Seeing others think outside the box and pivot was beautiful! Also loved to see how much the community was starting to focus back on small businesses, knowing how much we were hurting. It’s just been incredible.

How has changing your business helped you through the quarantine?

It pushed me to build those connections. I’m fairly shy, but when I see something that I love or someone going out of their way to add some light to the world…how could I not reach out to them?!

How do you see these changes affecting your business going forward?

Community has always been a huge part of what I do. I supported small businesses through this time by photographing their work, doing shoutouts, and even blogs. I don’t expect anything in return, but it would be nice to see if maybe by doing what I love will help me to finally be found in the community. If it doesn’t, that’s ok! I just love to support small businesses, and will continue to do so.

Thanks to Master Networks member Melissa for sharing her story! If you want to connect with Melissa, you can find her at

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