Business in the Time of Quarantine: Vincent Minnucci’s Story

Vincent Minnucci grew up in the construction industry. His father owned one of the 500 largest remodeling companies in the United States. He would often go out to job sites as a young child, and started working in the field when he was 14. 

At the age of 19, Vincent became the youngest ever Certified Lead Carpenter in the United States through the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. In his career, he’s worked as a general carpenter, crew chief, site manager, designer and salesman. He worked for the largest building materials company in the world, Saint Gobain, for one of their North American arms, as a Regional Sales Representative. He worked directly with contractors across all fields and gained a hands-on knowledge of a vast spectrum of construction materials and options that are not readily available to most contractors and even fewer homeowners, but provide a fantastic option for repairs and renovations. 

In 2015, he began working with his father again. Vincent was trained in the field and became an NHIE Nationally Certified Home Inspector as well as an ASHI Gold Certified Home Inspector. He started his own inspection firm, Veritas Inspection Group, LLC, and also became one of only a small handful of Certified Structural Deck Inspectors in the nation through the North American Deck & Railing Association (NADRA). 

Vincent has conducted over 1000 home and commercial inspections and continues to grow his inspection business. He has now begun conducting virtual consultations which have no regional barriers at all through his side business,

What was your main business focus before the quarantine?

Prior to the quarantine my main focus was providing on-site, in-person home and commercial inspections to primarily those looking to buy a new property

What was your first reaction to the quarantine?

My first reaction to the quarantine was to make certain I was as safe as possible being able to continue working, and to establish my own protocols to keep myself safe, but more importantly my family. This involved adapting my tooling, my safety equipment (PPE), the way I work both in the properties I’m inspecting as well as how I re-enter my own home at the end of the day.

Additionally, I started assessing my options as to how I could continue this business and maintain a steady revenue stream with the greatly reduced volume of work due to the market slowing dramatically, even though real estate transactions were still allowed to continue. This lead me to re-evaluate my pricing structure, which I then updated and increased to bring me more in line with inspectors in my market as I was charging far too little.

Lastly, I evaluated my options for “virtual” work that I can conduct without having to leave my home, and how I could structure a consultation service around the available tools (Zoom, Skype, Duo, etc.).

What inspired the different business moves you made during quarantine?

The inspiration was a desire to, first and foremost, keep my family safe, healthy, and still being able to provide financially for my family without the need to rely on any stimulus funds or without the need to file for any form of unemployment or business loans.

How has changing your business helped you through the quarantine?

 The raising of my fees was an immediate boost not only in revenue/income but it also showed me that I was charging too little, and put me into a “lower price” tier that was likely hurting my company, as it was giving a perceived image of a discount service for a discount rate, where I take great pride in providing the best service possible.

The addition of the consultation service business has expanded my ability to earn without having to go out and be on the road all day 6 days a week. One of the biggest positives is that it has allowed me to reduce my “in the field” days to only 4 a week, giving me the ability to be home an additional 2 days to help my wife with our children, give her the time she needs to work from home, and still be able to continue to have a revenue stream on those days when I’m not actively inspecting sites in person.

How do you see these changes affecting your business going forward?

Moving forward I see myself continually increasing my “off-site” or virtual consultation services, increasing that portion of my revenue stream, in order to make it so that I can reduce my time in the field doing on-site inspections even further to better my chances of keeping myself and my family healthy and safe.

Additionally, I am implementing means to generate passive revenue streams from video courses and video content through the consultation side of the business. My hope is that with these increases in revenue potential I can begin to hire and train new technicians to make it so that I am not the only inspector in the field, and be able to grow the company without the need to increase my own personal, physical, workload.

A huge thank you to Vincent for sharing his story with us! You can find Vincent at

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