Business in the Time of Quarantine: Lulu Hart’s Story

Lulu Hart Bentley is a Relationship Marketing specialist with Send Out Cards.  She has helped hundreds of business owners stay “top of mind and top of heart” with their customers and prospects through the power of Appreciation, Gratitude, Celebration and Kindness delivered inside personal greeting cards  sent from the computer or cell phone!

Lulu’s background in all types of sales, years of volunteer work as well as years of card sending herself, has given her a unique perspective on the power of Human Connection and how to harness it to build better business relationships, get more repeat and referral business and create goodwill in the world.

She is on a mission, as is Send Out Cards, to bring the heart back into business through the art of relationship marketing and the power of human connection.   In addition, she is helping others build their own Send Out Cards business, empowering them to take action in their own lives!

Lulu is an avid beach goer, water skier, paddleboarder, bike rider, gardener and nature lover.  Since moving here from South Florida, she has adapted to various winter sports as well, including skiing, sledding, snowman building and snowshoeing.

My main business focus in Send Out Cards before quarantine was acquiring customers to use our system and teaching them the art of relationship marketing using “heartfelt” and “system send” cards.  That has always been my mission and the mission of Send Out Cards. We are bringing the heart back to business through the power of relationships.  That has not changed; it’s grown stronger!  

When the quarantine first started, I made a conscious decision to use my cards to reach out in kindness, love, hope, and encouragement to everyone I know and to help as many people as I could to do the same.  We have literally been delivering Hugs in the Mail!! We’ve helped people celebrate birthdays, graduations, births and anniversaries.  We’ve also helped people send condolences, encouragement, apologies and healing love. We’ve helped those in business stay in touch with their customers to let them know that they care, are still here, and will be around when things open up again.  Send Out Cards has always been the vehicle to send these messages … we’re just sending on a much larger scale. I guess if anything has changed, it’s been people’s perception of card sending.  It might be “old school”, but it cuts through all of the online clutter and goes straight into someone’s heart. 

I’ve had many people reach out to me to tell me that my card made their day and they’re NEVER throwing it away!!  You can’t say that about a Facebook post!

One aspect of my business that I’m starting to focus on more is the affiliate opportunity.  I’ve never been very aggressive in recruiting affiliates, but with so many losing their jobs or realizing they need a second stream of income, I’ve started talking to more people about that.  

I’ve thought a lot about my grandparents during this pandemic.  They lived through the Great Depression  and while they didn’t have much, they were still working and helped others who were less fortunate.  That’s a legacy worth leaving and one I hope to leave as well.  To that end, I can help people reach out in kindness, teach others to do the same, empower others to take control of their destiny through this business, and make the world a better place!!

I’m grateful to have the opportunity every day to change people’s lives every day.

Lulu offers free consultations and will help you get started right! You can find her at

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