Business in the Time of Quarantine: Louis Leof’s Story

Lou Leof, a native of West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has been in the t-shirt business since 1985. He became the owner of PTM Promotional in 1994 and grew the company to three times its original size. Lou joined Master Networks in 2016.

Lou has been married to Becki since 1983 and they have two children and seven grandchildren. When he’s not building his business, Lou volunteers for the Special Olympics, Justice Rescue, and spends time with his family at the beach.

What was your main business focus before the quarantine?

PTM Promotional’s main business was screen printing, embroidery, and promotional products.

What was your first reaction to the quarantine?

My first reaction was concern. I thought that my business would be trouble, as this is the busiest three months of my year.

What inspired the different business moves you made during quarantine?

I was inspired by the worry about my business and my customers’ businesses and safety. Also, the support that I received from my Master Networks group certainly helped me stay focused on finding a product that could re-invent my business.

How has changing your business helped you through the quarantine? 

It has generated some of the lost revenue and has forced me to look at other types of customers that could use this product, which in turned forced me to go after new customers that I might have never considered before.

How do you see these changes affecting your business going forward? 

By selling to many new customers,  I will now have the opportunity to help them stay compliant with their PPE needs and hopefully build many new relationships for the future, and be able to get new opportunities for my core business of corporate apparel decorating and corporate promotions.

We love that Lou found a way to expand into new markets with his new products, potentially forging connections that will last long after the quarantine is over!

If you would like to support Lou and purchase some pretty awesome merchandise, you can order from PTM Promotional by clicking HERE. Their popular printed masks are featured below.

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