Where’s Your Certainty?

Today’s post is brought to you by Chris Angell, a Master Networks member in the Spokane – Wed AM chapter. Chris is the CEO of Groundswell Agency and creator of The Groundswell Method Intensive. 


…when you show up in your certainty, it’s sexy. 

It’s captivating. It’s clear. 

But, without your certainty, we’re left with all the other stuff you’re afraid for us to see.

Some people are kind about that “stuff” and others are judgy about it. 

And you know this. You’ve experienced this. 

Which is why we feel shy, bashful, or scared to step out and show up in the areas we feel stuck. 

This is the challenge of certainty. 

In order to grow and step into the next expansion for yourself, you have to step into uncertain territory. 

Let’s use marketing as an example. 

You can feel your certainty in the important work you’re doing as you do it. 

It feels clear. You feel strong doing it. 

But when you put your marketing hat on, things get fuzzy. 

You don’t know how marketing works. You get self-conscious about doing videos. When you sit down to write, you have a hard time finding the words. 

Which is so weird because when you’re simply talking to somebody about your work, you feel inspired and aren’t short for words. 

So how do we find certainty in uncertain territory?

If we find it, people will connect to the powerful people we are. Money comes and our impact grows. 

So a lot is riding on you finding it. 

You could take a lot of roads to finding your certainty. 

But here’s a back door to certainty in uncertain territory I’ve found…

Without concern for marketing tools, algorithms, or “how things work” (you don’t need to understand how things work in the beginning of this expansion)…

You simply share your truth in new settings and with new people. 

You share what life has already taught you and you do it from a real place. 

This requires that you slay the dragons of shame attached to your story so that they no longer have any power over you…

And you see these previously shameful things as part of what makes you strong. 

When your shame is redeemed for strength, certainty shows up. 

And with that certainty, you share your story in new ways with new people. 

The story doesn’t change. That’s your wheelhouse of power. 

But you expand where you share it and whom you share it with. 


Marketing, then, is just a platform to share the parts of your story that you’re certain about in new places with new people. 

And, as you do that, we will see your certainty, no matter how big you are, old you are, what gender you are or what color you are.


Want more certainty in your marketing and income without gimmicks or self-promoting posts? Checkout Chris Angell’s new program, Marketing For The Rest Of Us – The Course at www.groundswellmethod.com. It’s free! You can start today. 

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